Ethos, Vision & Values

Our Vision

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18 New Revised Standard Version)

The global community faces many challenges that our children will have to overcome. The world is God’s great creation and it is our responsibility to contribute to leaving the world a better place than we found it. At Wootton St Peter’s we empower the children in our care with the skills and attributes they need to flourish in the world and face the challenges they are confronted with.

St Peter was not perfect. He did not start out life as the rock of the church. He made mistakes and he learnt from them. At Wootton St Peter’s we recognise that we are on a learning journey. How we learn at Wootton celebrates the healthiness of learning from our mistakes.  Our children develop the skills and confidence to become caring reflective citizens and become motivated and inspired to take their own learning forward with independence, excitement and enthusiasm to meet their full potential.

St Peter learnt that Jesus was for everyone. As a school we participate in and celebrate the diversity in our school and the wider global community.

Our children become the rocks upon which a better world can be built. We explore the values of perseverance, compassion and courage to open up horizons of hope and aspiration.

One of the major strengths of the school is its caring ethos. We aim to provide a great community in which to learn, work and participate. Each child is valued as an individual and success is celebrated. Democratic Circle Time, involving all pupils in school, in their house groups, is where children can discuss and help resolve issues important to them.

We guide all children to:

  • Develop the skills and confidence to become caring reflective citizens
  • Become motivated and inspired to take their own learning forward with excitement and enthusiasm to meet their full potential
  • Treat others as they would be treated
  • Be independent, well balanced and self assured
  • Foster spiritual awareness rooted in a Christian ethos. To find out more you can read our Spirituality Policy.

Spirituality Policy

At Wootton we have a culture of praise, celebrating success in every way possible. We are constantly looking for the ‘good’, whether in attitude, work or behaviour, and self-discipline is encouraged. Achievements are acknowledged with a system of class rewards, merits, certificates and shields.

Simple, common sense rules are devised by staff and children together, emphasising kindness and thoughts for others. Any behaviour problems are dealt with promptly, talking and listening to the child concerned and involving parents when necessary. An individual system may be devised to help the child. All children are encouraged to speak up if they are not happy with a situation, first to the other child/children concerned and then to an adult. Good behaviour is one of the issues discussed during Democratic Circle Time.

Comments from SIAMS inspections 2017 and 2019:

‘The school prioritises the emotional needs of pupils and the development of resilience and positive attitudes to learning, relationships, life and its knock backs.’

‘Staff are generous with their time and talents for the benefit of the children in their care.’

‘This is a ‘real’ village community in action and leaders and governors seek to capture and protect this.

‘Collective Worship was a thoroughly inclusive and enjoyable time in the school’s day where governors and visitors are welcomed. Pupils participate actively and are reflective, sensitive and respectful.’

‘Pupils feel nurtured and cherished at St Peter’s.’

‘There are a wealth of ways in which pupils are encouraged to think more deeply.’

‘All pupils have a love of learning because the broad and balanced curriculum flows from the vision. Pupils are excited about the topics explored and relish the way that they are expected to ask and answer difficult questions.’