Knights Of Sol (KOS) is run by one of our parents on Mondays after school 3 – 4.30pm. The club is open to children in years 1 and above. Children need to wear comfortable clothing which covers arms and legs. Appropriate protective equipment is provided by the club.

The Knight School is now a  chapter of the ‘Knights Of Sol’. The Knights of Sol (KOS) is a modern knightly order dedicated to promoting the values of chivalry, the warrior philosophy, and the practice of medieval martial arts.

The KOS curriculum includes:

Teamwork and leadership skills: Learn how to operate as a member of a unit with a clear command structure, and develop early leadership skills to guide others in a variety of scenarios.

Chivalric values and warrior philosophy: Live by a strict code of honour, learn about the warrior lifestyle and the Knights Of Sol’s  ‘citizenship through service’ philosophy.

Warrior fitness: Keep fit using body-weight training including some of the same workout routines that that were used by warrior civilisations like the Greeks and Romans.

Ultimate Medieval Combat: Gentle introduction to Historical European Martial Arts with an exclusive system designed to provide children with a safe and entertaining experience with foam weapons.