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Class 3

Welcome to the Class 3 news and information page.


Class 3 visit to the Ashmolean Museum
On Tuesday 4th July we went to the Ashmolean Museum to look at the Ancient Egypt section. We have been studying Ancient Egypt in our History lessons.
James R said, “I enjoyed looking at the layers on the mummies and the coffins they were in.”
Isla liked learning about how old things were and handling things over 3,000 years old.






Class 3 have been studying Ancient Egypt. Emmanuel has written an information report about an Ancient Egyptian farming tool. Click on the link to read his work.


On Monday 6th March, class 3 visited The Earth Trust at Little Wittenham to learn about what life was like in the Iron Age. Sam has written a report about our visit: 






Class 3 have been writing recount reports linked to their Geography work on volcanoes.

Click on the link for Robin’s report

Class 3 have been writing information reports on subjects of their own choice. Here are extracts from four children. We all learned a lot from each other.  


Class 3 have been writing stories inspired by the book ‘The Paper Bag Prince’ by Colin Thompson. Click on the link for Megan’s story. 


General Information about Class 3

Class 3 is made up of half Year 3 and half Year 4. The class teacher is Mrs Heyden. The class is also supported by two Teaching Assistants – Mrs Hunter and Mrs Scott.

As children start in Class 3 they are also entering a new stage of schooling called Key Stage 2. In order to prepare children for Year 3 we allow time for visits to Class 3 in the afternoons of the previous summer term; children have Year 4 buddies, who they work closely with in the first few weeks; and there is a meeting for parents to explain the curriculum, timetable and new expectations.

As children enter Key Stage 2, or the Juniors, we expect them to develop their independence and stamina and they are given opportunities to have weekly Monitor jobs in the classroom such as counting the house points, and outside in the playground running the daily Junior fruit stall.

Maths and English are taught every morning, and in the afternoon there are PE, History, Geography, RE, Art, Science and PSHE lessons. All of these subjects follow the new National Curriculum and have been planned on a rolling two year cycle so that children are taught the necessary skills and concepts as part of new topics. Click on the links above for the current curriculum plans and weekly timetable.

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