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Regular Clubs
Knights of Sol 3 – 4.30pm (years 1 to 6)
Cookery Club 3 – 5pm (years 1 to 6) – starts again in September
Keyboard lessons with Mr Herrington
Guitar lessons with Mark Bosely
Football Club 3 – 4pm (years 3 to 6)
Bright Stars Science Club 3.10 – 4.10pm (years 1 to 6)
Strings lessons with Mark Levy 10.30am
FOWS Tea Shop 3pm (every other week)
Computing Club 3 – 4pm (years 3 to 6)
Gym Club 3 – 4pn (years 3 to 6)
Junior Choir 12.30pm
Guitar lessons with Mark Bosely


Life Bus Visitlife bus4
All the children in school enjoyed visits to the Life Bus on 14th & 15th of November. They had great fun learning about keeping their bodies healthy. Here are a few comments:

Class 1:
I liked learning about our bodies – Holly
We learned about our stomachs and healthy food – Azaan
Harold told us all about our bodies – Lucy

Class 2:
I liked it when we were rocking the bus to see how much energy we had – Ruby
I liked it when children tickled Tam’s body and it glowed. The heart glowed red – Eben
I liked looking at the pictures across the bus and deciding whether they were sad, happy, cross, bored or worried – Charlie

Class 3:
The Conformation Planet people on the film showed us you’ve got to be grateful for what you’ve got and it’s OK to be different – Abigail
We found out what can destroy your lungs and all the organs of the body and what they do – Seren

Class 4:
We liked watching the video. We learned about drugs and alcohol being bad for us. You shouldn’t be persuaded to do something that you don’t want to do and you should stand up for friends and other people. Don’t do stuff without permission. We learned lots about how to stay safe – Evie, Milly and Jorja

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